Affordable Roofing in Lakeville

Let the professionals at Hastings Roofing Co check your roof, and level-up your peace of mind as a homeowner.

Lakeville weather has it all: hotter summers, increasing amounts of hail, tornadoes, snow, ice, and sleet, and more.

At Hastings Roofing Co., we are all too familiar with the damage our crazy weather patterns often inflict on your roof.


When the skies look scary, rest assured, your roof is in good hands with Hastings Roofing Co. Our professionals have years of experience working through storm and other weather damage.

We’ll get your roof doing its job again expediently after a weather emergency.

We’ve spent years working with insurance companies to help you navigate the repair and replacement journey when the worst happens.

We understand how jarring it is to live through a roof emergency. You want your home back the way it was, and fast.

Working with Hastings Roofing Co is the best choice you can make for top-of-the-line materials at competitive prices.

Plus, we have the professionals who get the job done right the first time.

We’ll make sure your home repairs are completed quickly and reliably so you can get back to normal after nasty storms and other weather damage.

Proud Partnership!
Hastings Roofing is proud to announce a partnership with Snap Construction. At this time Snap Construction is only able to offer complete reroofing.