For one reason or another, metal roofing just isn’t as popular as one might expect. Maybe some homeowners are put off by the cost, or perhaps a “metal roof” conjures up the image of an old rusted shack.

Either way, they shouldn’t be entirely discounted. Manufacturers have made great strides in their aesthetics over the years, and many new metal systems offer excellent durability.

Another reason to consider having metal installed next time is that they tend to offer a better “green” alternative. Some metal components are partially or completed made from recycled materials, such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and tin, just to name a few metals.

Below are some other benefits of owning roofs made of metal. They just may be worth considering for your home!

Strong as Steel

While asphalt is undoubtedly sturdy, it’s hard to beat metal components in a battle of strength. Some metal installations can last as long as 50 years, with 30 being about the average for many homeowners.

One of the reasons these roofing types last longer are because they weigh less. Over time, the weight and pressure of asphalt can cause a roofline to sink down.

But with lighter metal materials, your home doesn’t have as much pressure to fight back. As a result, your home sags less and remains protected for longer.

Even if you currently own an asphalt shingle system, you may be able to have a metal one installed directly on top. How is that for convenient?


The metal finish makes these types better suited for harsh weather. Hurricane-strength winds, invasive pests, and long periods of driving rain have a tough time making it past your defenses when you have metal.

Many homeowners fear the metal may rust in the rain and snow. While this may have been true of early metal systems, the galvanized tiles used today won’t rust when wet.

Fire Resistant

Asphalt shingles are no match for a house fire. The tar and paper components are easily flammable, putting you at further risk should a fire break out.

Metal, on the other hand, shields from fire, offering better protection. Even if it becomes installed as a reroof, you might be able to lower your insurance premiums for installing this roof type.

Now, metal does conduct electricity, and they can be prone to constant attacks by lightning. However, if you find yourself in harm’s way, a simple lightning rod or similar precaution should be enough to protect you.

Precipitation Protection

Even if an asphalt roof is slanted, some of the moisture will absorb into the materials. That means that if you had the best installation possible, some of that pounding rain would always leave a small amount of water behind.

Metal, however, is among the most effective materials for sealing a home from unwanted moisture. Even in cold climates, they can help keep water away; the sunlight on a metal surface causes snow to slide right off!

Higher Energy Savings

Shingle roofs are comprised of dark materials stuck together with dark tar. In the summer, your roof becomes a sun magnet!

However, metal sheets will direct some of the sun and heat back away from your home. When your house is fighting off less heat, it remains colder for longer.

The one drawback to depending on metal is it is more difficult to insulate. However, if it installs as a secondary roof, the original roof line would act as an insulating barrier!

Not All That Glitters is Gold

While they may seem perfect at first, there are a few considerations to take in mind before having a metal roof installed. In fact, you may find that you cannot afford it like many other homeowners.

For starters, metal is always more expensive. On average, metal materials run about $500 per 100 square foot section.

However, it’s also important to remember that metal lasts longer. While an asphalt roof may require more maintenance costs, a metal one would save you on that end, so it may not be as pricey as you first considered.

While they may look pleasant, the sound can be an acquired taste that isn’t for everyone. When it rains, it either sounds like a peaceful symphony, or like the Battle of Gettysburg.

Metal systems are effective against wind, rain, and snow. But when it comes to hail, the ice may be enough to leave dents behind.

And because it is useful for preventing rain and snow from lingering, this slipperiness is terrible if you must work on the roof. If you decide to build your roof with metal, you would be better off not going up there without safety equipment.

Finally, there are the maintenance costs. Yes, they do require less preservation, and they’re easy to clean; they are, however, prone to cosmetic damages.

Metal sheets can scratch quickly, especially if trees are growing near them. Even if it’s galvanized, scratching the surface could cause it to rust.

If the metal has paint, the daily heat and sun exposure may cause it to chip. That could mean painting it twice as frequently as your house.

Because of the specialized attention they require, it’s best to leave metal roofing to the experts. You should hire a company that advertises metal installation experiences; otherwise, you may have other problems.

However, if installed correctly, it may pay for itself. If you are looking for a replacement roof, it may be worth your while to have metal.


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