Affordable Roofing in Goodhue

Whether you are living in a crowded urban setting or an expansive rural one, Minnesota weather provides the same challenges. Wind, rain, hail, and snow strike equally as hard and cause an unprecedented amount of wear and tear, if not outright damage to your roof. 

Luckily, for roofing in Goodhue, you need to look no further than Hastings Roofing Co. for a nearby responsive and knowledgeable resource for updates and repairs.

Makes no difference if it is the roof on your business that needs to be replaced or the roof on your home that needs to be repaired. You have better things to do, like supporting high school art and sporting events. Go Wildcats! Go!  Leave all your roofing needs to us and contact us now.


If you haven’t taken a good look at your roof lately, it’s probably about time. Asphalt shingle roofing is only meant to last between 20-30 years. If your roof is older than that, it’s time to start considering some maintenance.

Hiring a professional is critical for this step as it is not always easy to determine the condition of a roof based on how it looks. The team at Hastings Roofing Co. are experts at assessing the condition of the roofing materials as well as walls, ceiling joists, and other related hardware.

Don’t put this step off anymore, as the longer a roofing problem sits, the more damage it can create. The sooner a fix can be put in place, the lower the costs will be.


Our first goal is your satisfaction, such that we will partner with you through the entire process. Based on what the team finds and your desired outcome, we will supply you with a free quote. 

We even have financing plans to fit every budget. So you will be ensured a sound and durable repair to protect your family and investment far into the future.

Should the unthinkable happen and you need emergency repairs, we’ve got that covered too. A licensed, bonded, and fully insured crew will respond quickly 24/7. 

They will provide immediate protective measures as well as safe and efficient repair work. They will even prepare a detailed report for your insurance claim.


If your roof is older than 20-30 years, you have already had multiple repairs, or there is too much damage to repair, it may be time to replace that roof. Don’t despair, for roofing in Goodhue you have the best resource available. 

A team knowledgeable about the latest materials and design strategies is waiting for your call. If you want to replace what you had, or throw in a little flair and try a whole new design, the experienced designers at Hastings Roofing Co. have your back. 

We will provide you with a free quote, create a plan to protect the safety of your family or customers during construction, and install a more beautiful and efficient roof in no time.

You don’t need to take our word for it

Check out the testimonials other customers have left on our website regarding our knowledge and craftsmanship. You won’t be disappointed that you contacted us for all your roofing needs in Goodhue. 

Wind, rain, hail, or snow – nothing is going to stop a Wildcat. Contact us to start a free quote now at 651-383-3740.

Proud Partnership!
Hastings Roofing is proud to announce a partnership with Snap Construction. At this time Snap Construction is only able to offer complete reroofing.