Professional Roofing Contractor for Brighton

If you live in Brighton, Minnesota, you know the weather can be unpredictable. Whether it’s at the end of winter and snow has been sitting on your roof, or you just listened to a summer hail storm, weather affects your roof. Even warm, sunny days eventually take their toll on your roof.

Often, a roofing problem isn’t evident in the beginning. Unless you see water coming through your ceiling, you probably aren’t thinking about the integrity of your roof. However, unnoticed damage can quickly become a serious issue.

If you live in Brighton, let Hastings Roofing Co. be your trusted roofing partner. We not only provide inspection services and routine maintenance, but we are also experts in dealing with roofing emergencies, too.

Hastings Roofing Co. is the leading roofing contractor in the Brighton area. You can trust our trained experts to find and evaluate any damage to your roof that you may have missed. Whether you want a residential or a commercial roofer, Hasting Roofing Co. has the knowledge you need.

Our Experience

We have experience dealing with a variety of roofing materials. We know your home is unique, and we won’t treat any two roofs the same.

Types of Roofing Material to Reflect Your Unique Style

  • Clay Tile: A contemporary look
  • Metal: Environmental impact
  • Asphalt: Maximum protection against the coldest winters
  • Cedar: Woodsy charm
  • Stone: Strength and endurance

If you live in the Brighton area and need a new roof, let Hastings Roofing Co. work with you as you choose what is best for your new home or business. We understand the area, and all the weather challenges our area faces. We can advise you in the areas of design, heat and cold barriers, energy efficiency, and green building technology.

With Hastings Roofing Co., you can feel comfortable trusting us. We will never charge you hidden fees. We will give you an honest and consistent pricing plan upfront. We work fast, safe and systematic, so every job is completed on time and to specifications.

Hastings Roofing Co. only uses the highest quality products from the most trusted manufacturers in the roofing industry. When your roof is in our care, you will have a completed design that is long-lasting, functional and showcases your unique style.

Why We Are the Best

If you have an existing home or building, our skilled technicians are trained to inspect the condition of your roof. By thoroughly assessing your roof and providing guidance moving forward, we can help extend the life of your roof.

Whether you own a home or business with a roof that has already withstood weather and might need repair or replacement, or you are looking for new roof installation, Hastings Roofing Co. is ready and waiting for Brighton’s roofing needs.

Our Services

  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Licensed and Bonded Craftsmen
  • Damage Assessment
  • Planning and Design
  • On-going Maintenance

Choosing Hastings Roofing Company

If you live in Brighton and choose Hastings Roofing Co., you’ll never have to worry. Your roof is in good hands. We have experience in every type of roof shape, size, and construction.

If you are concerned about your roof, contact Hastings Roofing Co. or call us today at (651)-383-3740 for an honest and complete assessment of the state of your roof. Our talented craftsmen stay trained on the newest technology and equipment in the roofing design and repair industry.

You can trust we will get the job done right the first time so that when the weather in Brighton strikes, you know your roof will stand strong.

Proud Partnership!
Hastings Roofing is proud to announce a partnership with Snap Construction. At this time Snap Construction is only able to offer complete reroofing.