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We Offer Services for ALL of Your Roofing Needs


For buildings of all shapes and sizes, no job is too large or too small. Your commercial building is in the best hands with us. We know that function and durability are your primary concerns with your building, and we have the materials, training, and technology to handle every aspect of your commercial roofing needs.


The roof over your residence should be the crowning glory of your home that reflects your unique style while providing superior protection for your family against any type of weather and intrusion from Mother Nature. Our creative design team has a diverse range of experience and artistic inspiration in all kinds of roofing materials, colors, slopes and roof models. We want to create a roof that is uniquely yours, while flawlessly performing its first function: to protect your investment and your family.

New Construction

Let us offer the services of our craftsmen who are considered top in the industry. We can create a roof that compliments any building from the simple, functional roof to the elegant sophistication of a modern masterpiece.

Repair or Replace

Whether you have a small repair that you caught early or a catastrophic failure that is threatening your very safety, we have a team ready to respond immediately to minimize damage and get you back on the road to peace of mind. With our no-obligation 24-hour emergency response team, we are prepared to guide you flawlessly through every aspect of roofing services to assess your roof and develop a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

Inspection Services

Call Us before you need us, and we can take steps to help your roof remain sound and durable for the life of your structure. Once a leak begins, or a weak roof starts to loosen, the damage that can result could be quite costly. We offer regular inspection services by highly trained and bonded experts that can detect potential trouble long before it becomes an expensive problem.

Warranty of Materials and Labor

We use only the highest-grade materials from the most trusted manufacturers in the roofing industry. We demand the best quality from the very start to ensure that your roof has what it needs to be the first line of protection for your home or business. All of our materials are guaranteed to be free from defects, and our construction comes with the best warranty in the roofing industry.

On Your Way to Peace of Mind

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Why we are the best :

  • Trained specialists skilled at creating a unique design to suit your style
  • Vast experience in all types of materials and designs
  • Up-front pricing and NO hidden charges
  • Job completed timely and under budget
  • Highly skilled team of roofing experts
  • Licensed and Bonded Craftsmen
  • Honest and thorough pricing
  • The Safetyof your family is First
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

Your Style Begins With Our Wide Range of Choices:

  • Metal Roofing is eco-friendly and reflects your passion for environmental issues
  • Clay Tile for the stylish and trendy speaks to a modern, sophisticated look
  • Beautiful Cedar for a woodsy charm with maximum insect resistance
  • Asphalt provides superior insulation against cold weather
  • Stone and Slate delivers extreme durability
  • Color and Slope choices of all kinds

Proud Partnership!
Hastings Roofing is proud to announce a partnership with Snap Construction. At this time Snap Construction is only able to offer complete reroofing.