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Snap Construction is a top-rated roofing company in Bloomington. Snap Construction services all of the Hastings Roofing Co phone calls with pride.


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Hastings Roofing Co.

Your Partner in Quality Roofing at the Lowest Prices

The first step you will take in installing a new roof or repairing a damaged one is the most important step: to CALL the BEST! At Hastings Roofing Co. your complete satisfaction is our first goal. Our design specialists are ready to guide you through every phase, beginning with a detailed inspection and assessment of your roofing needs. We want you to have the peace of mind in knowing that your investment is in the hands of the industry-leading top roofing contractor available to you at the most affordable cost. With financing plans to fit every budget, you will have the roof of your dreams that creates a stunning look to fit your style and sophistication.

We begin with a thorough inspection from our roofing experts to assess the condition of every aspect of your roof, from the base underlay material to the trusses, flashing, supports and rafters. There is much more to your roof than the shingles you see, and we are here to offer our knowledgeable guidance from the first step until long after the job is complete. We will be here to suggest tips and updates on the best roofing care to guarantee the longest life of the materials and construction of your new roof.

With Hastings Roofing Co. you have a partner in the protection of your investment and the safety of your family.

Whether you’re looking to modernize an outdated style or you’re trying to find the best way to accent new construction, we have the colors and designs to suit all ranges of tastes. Our materials come from the most trusted manufacturers in the roofing industry. We demand as much excellence in the materials and supplies we use as you should demand from us. The roof you choose can reflect elegance and beauty while still being a solid defense against the coldest winter or harshest weather. When you trust your roofing needs to us, you will know you are getting solid construction for the most reliable building protection possible.

Begin with our simple online assessment request form and let us handle everything else. We can take the stress out of the unknown by keeping you in the loop through the entire process. With Hastings Roofing Co. you have, at your fingertips, all of the most current up-to-date technology and materials development information from the most highly trained and certified craftsmen in roofing.

As your trusted partner in the protection of your home or business, we offer the following tips to help you understand the best way to manage your investment.

Tips from the Experts for the Life of Your Roof :

  • rooferRegular visual inspection of roof and inside attic
    • Evidence of leaks
    • Mold, moss, damp areas
    • Missing or broken shingles/tiles
    • Nails protruding or missing
    • Loose bolts or other hardware issues
    • Drafts or daylight peeking through
  • Remove debris on a regular schedule
    • Branches, leaves, and Mother Nature
    • Pick a day with calm and mild weather
    • Use a sturdy extension ladder and have a helper present
  • Don’t forget your chimneys and skylights
    • Inspect flashing around chimneys and other openings
    • Clean chimney frequently to prevent dangerous build-up
    • Replace broken bricks and mortar
    • When building your first fire of the winter, get a quick outside visual

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Proud Partnership!
Hastings Roofing is proud to announce a partnership with Snap Construction. At this time Snap Construction is only able to offer complete reroofing.